1. 11 May, 2012

I really love this running gag.


    I really love this running gag.

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  2. 10 May, 2012

    endangeredbloodcolor said: *Laughs at the fleeing agent and does a barrel roll outside, then casually goes home* prrr

    And then The Agent remembered to induce even MORE pain to The Witch. He somehow needed to work these things out and he thought about using a iron rod on her back to make sure she feels pain. Or maybe electric shock therapy, he didn’t know, but it sound fun.

  3. 23:38

    scp-096 said: I walk suspiciously up to the man.

    The man has no face, that was what is so strange about him. Actually, he has no skin on his face, it’s just a skull with veins, blood, and all those things. Although a flicker of the surroundings give away until they return to normal and then a voice calls. “096, what are you doing out of your cell?” A nearby officer calls. 

  4. 23:36

    endangeredbloodcolor said: *You grab the grenade and scuttle over quickly shoving it in one of their pants* NYEHEHE! *You then dash after the agent and out the door to freedom*

    The grenade was actually going to explode with perfume. The only weakness known to them and it does, creating quite the explosion in his pants and making him past out. The Agent would just run away like a mad man.

  5. 23:34



    A devious smile crossed May’s lips. “That would be terrific! With lillipoppies and candy!”

    "We’ll try to make due for now, I suppose." She hits a button on the intercom outside the door, which she opened and called for two D-Class personnel to be escorted here with pink dresses on and candy in a bag, preferred lollipop. "On their way, Little Girl." 

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  6. 23:31

    scp-096 said: I get up, confused i walk through the open door.

    The sudden change of the walls is new. They are more rusty and brownish, with some splatters of blood on them. It seems that whoever might have opened the door is nothing more than a puddle of their own blood, which is still warm. Very warm, in fact. Enough to give someone a first degree burn, if enough was applied. 

    Oh, but a man in a orange suit is at the end of the hall way. Although something looks different about him. Maybe a closer inspection would do.

  7. 23:29



    “Yes, but I want it now.” May whined and drooled menacingly.

    "The commanding officers would have my butt for that, though. We still don’t know what possible side effects you hold, but I certainly did make a risk." She pleaded for a little bit. "What about we put the D-Class in dresses for you?"

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  8. 23:27

    endangeredbloodcolor said: *You yelp when they start firing and dash around quickly, bouncing off the walls in a panic. Oh crap a bullet just grazed your shoulder.You hiss and pounce onto one of their faces and attempt to maul them before scuttling around again, they'll run out of ammo eventually*

    And their face was mauled like a bear on a kangaroo. Although the helmet and mask only protected them so much, a lost in eye sight in one of their eyes did leave a certain blood-induced rage where he throws a active grenade. The bullets are made up of love going to wear thing soon, so the possibility is likely. Agent Dolorose has just crawled out of the door for now. 

  9. 23:24



    “‘Kay,” she replied and nodded. “Now?”

    "Well, it’s a good chance we don’t have a play set, but we could work something out with tables, chairs, and a tea pot. It’ll look wonderful." She cried out, holding her hands together and making a little squee, but then she goes back to her old self. "But we need approval, so it’s only D-Class in there for now. You like company, right?"

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  10. 23:23

    scp-096 said: I sit, and wait for tomorrow.

    Which the time will span for a few hours. Turning and turning with the guards changing with every shift until the cock makes a sound and morning breaks on the horizon. Which the facility is expressing a few problems, but nothing serious at all. Although 096 would see it’s door open with no one behind it.